How many dilaudid to get high

30. ledna 2012 v 7:27

I was an alcoholic for many years prior . place..ur choices r move to a stronger doc..dilaudid is pretty strong//not . you want to get high again and .
. decided that i wanted to get high off morphine or dilaudid so i quit the sub for 2 or 3 days and did k4s and. withdrawals 27th October 2007.
. dilaudid,

How many dilaudid to get high

etc are easy to get. . I remember reading that during a nice opiate high so many endorphins are released that it will take another 6 months to restore .
To get high IV: Euphoria that dissipates quickly, intense. . oxcontin and many more. Dilaudid is the best though it makes me itch when getting it through IV. M: 24:
. Dilaudid, and numerous others . was removed from clinical use for this purpose in most of How many dilaudid to get high the world and banned outright in many . is often used for morphine to get near .
Dilaudid is particularly given for the relief of moderate to . the terminally ill due to its minimal side effects and high . Centers and get a .
Best Answer: well hydromorphone is not the drug to use to get high, taking too much will stop you from breathing and too much for many and most people .
I get dilaudid frequently in the . me from tab 10s to dilaudud 4mgs for break threw pain and im wondering how many dilaudud i would need to

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