pork barrel spending

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Commissioner Michael Williams (R-TX) talks about the frivolous spending in Washington, including spending millions on ham, pork and cheese!
Pork-barrel spending is funding allocated for legislators
Pork barrel spending. March 14, 2001 Web posted at: 4:55 PM EST (2155 GMT) Lesson Plans by month Lesson Plans by subject. Editor's note: CNNfyi.com updates its page .
Pork barrel refers to appropriation of government spending for localized projects secured solely or pork barrel spending primarily to bring pork barrel spending money to a representative's district.
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However, you perpetuate a widely held belief that pork barrel spending follows the normal constitutional path through Congress and onto the President's desk for approval or veto.
Englisch-Deutsch-�bersetzung f�r pork barrel spending im Online-W�rterbuch dict.cc (Deutschw�rterbuch).
On the specific issue of pork barrel spending, fiscal accountability by the government at a time when many Americans frankly think, whether it is the House or the Senate, that .
Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) thought last year's spending would be an all-time record, with a preposterous $17.7 billion in inappropriately .
Police Substation an Example of "Pork Barrel" Spending. Simon Lake School was closed at great inconvenience to many parents who .
Tax money spent on small projects that only benefit one congressional district or region are often slipped into legislation at the 11th hour -- a time-worn and much .
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Obama speaks to the editorial board of the Indianapolis Star on April 25, 2008.
Do you think that pork barrel spending undemocratic? Why or why not?
Pork barrel spending, earmarks or wasteful spending, whatever you want to call it, cost tax payers billions of dollars each pork barrel spending year. 2008 cost tax payers $17 billion for a total .
Gatton Student Research Publication | 2 Since its establishment in the late 1700s, the legislative branch of the United States has seen its fair share of corrupt politicians .
Pork-barrel spending is an unflattering term used to describe spending projects earmarked for a particular member's district that are buried deep inside appropriations bills
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